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Two Best WordPress Themes For Blogging

A blogging website will be popular by the content of the site which is written by author and all that. But Looking of your website is also very important, is your content are not organize properly then no one like your website. So that today i am posting two WordPress themes reviews in this post…

1) Frank theme (somerandomdude)

Frank is open source theme, which is developed by P.J. Onori. This theme design is very simple but very attractive. This is very light weight theme.. One of the very cool thing abut this theme is the speed of this theme, Many other themes hold 5 or 6 marks by google speed insight . But this theme hold 8.5 marks by google speed insight, which make this theme too awesome.

You can download this theme DOWNLOAD 

2) ME (Childtheme)

This theme known by its design . If you are looking for personal blogging theme which look good  and fonts style is simple but attractive then this is for you. Some time before PUBLISH theme was very famous due to there simplicity (simple design) but today this theme is not updated by developer…. So after this it will look same as like PUBLISH theme with extra features. This is  child theme of OMGEA theme which is developed by THEMEHALL

You can download this from WordPress Theme Repository 😉

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