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Quick Guide About Google Searching


Google is very popular search engine . Because it offers lots of features. In this post i am explaining you some google exclusive and cool feature with simple snapshot .You can see more google features at this website. Google also helps to Foreign to understand Indian culture & vice versa. Google is very very fast search engine ,you know why . Because google uses very cool & innovative algos to search content from it’s index.


Github quick Introduction

Today software is very important for our life ,because everybody use lot’s of software in daily life like Google Chrome (For Browsing) , Open doc (for document) . But it is very difficult for any developer to write good code without any problem. So solution of this problem is github. Github is a online website, where you can write your code and publish it for public without any cost . On github lot’s of developer/ programmer are available. which help’s to you to write your code better. Before github , companies were developed his personal website or group where he/she share his/her code and idea . But after github everything is open source.


Mobile App Using Phonegap


In these days Mobile application is take very important role in our technology . There are many technologies are available in our technology market . So this is very typical for create mobile application for different -different systems , The Phonegap is a solution of this problem, By the help of phonegap you can create your application for any systems like Windows8 , Android, IOS etc. With Simple HTML5 ,JAVA-SCRIPT & CSS3 .



Modification in WordPress Theme

WordPress also have many- many more theme . You can just choose any theme from WordPress theme directories and upload it to on your WP-theme folder . But some blogger/developer wants to see his theme different by other blogger which use this same theme .Like If any developer/blogger select twenty twelve theme but their default color is white and bg color is gray and it’s took some common function .But any blogger who wants to make our theme different to other in that case. (more…)

WordPress Child theme


Child theme is very very great concept. By the help of this you can just change your parent theme in your type without append any code in parent theme source code file. I have also used this facility in my WordPress theme. Child theme is very interesting concept . In child theme the two files worked simultaneously without any problem. My mean is that the child theme is a transparent layer. which you are append on our parent theme. Like , if you have any wordpress default theme and you wants to change your wordpress theme style . so just create your child theme and upload and use it  . (more…)

Work with robot.txt

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Your site content is very important for your Site . The site crawl take most important part of your site , robot.txt tells search engine how they should visit your site .If you want to block specific search engine & also directories. So by the help of robot.txt you can do the job easily .The robot.txt file are text file which are placed on your web-server . They must be placed on the root folder, as an example… (more…)

Generate Your Visualized Data


You know that if are visualized  your data in html then you use some specific CSS code and these are width/height  for different -different part of your data, but you have visualized your data without css ? that is possible by using D3.js . D3.js is java-script library that uses digital data to drive the creation and control of dynamic and interactive graphical forms which run in web browsers. Here d3 means just for data-driven documents. (more…)