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Magento collection set tip’s and trick

Today we are discussing Magento tip’s and trick about how to set new collection according to filtration process for Magento pagination. Most of Magento websites wants different-2 filtration for their users by which users will get good results and they will buy their products. So developers are set new collection for that in the list.phtml file of Magento. But after filtration will work but when you print the toolbar bottom query then you will get different query instead of your collection has a different query. so in this part of Magento, I am trying to explain to you how you can do this.

Let set new collection

  1. Open your package catalog product view list.phtml file and then in the last end of your file, you will find a method where which shows below.


  2. so before $this use setCollection method and then set your new collection and your new collection will set for your new pagination.

Hope this tut will help. Don’t miss to express your views and if you like this then please like this. 🙂

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