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Use Google technology according to you

As we know , Google is one of the powerful and innovative company. Not only this is a simple search but also it has ability to search huge amounting searching abilities. Google is also providing us many facilities and some of those are  gmail, google+ and google drive etc. On Google drive we can easily do any office job as like doc creating, excel file making etc.. But have you know that you can use google technology according your work, My mean is that you can easily combine two or more technology and make your system for any work. Today in this tutorial i am sharing my college caution money system example . Let see this


From Creating
Spreadsheet setting
Google App Script Programming

  1. As i posted in my earlier Google app script base e-commerce store post.  Same like this we will need to create Google form for get data by students.
  2. Then Go to form response spreadsheet and then click on Tools>script editor .
  3. Select blank project on google app script and paste these line of codes.
function onFromSubmit(e){
 var userScholarno=e.values[1];
 var userName=e.values[3];
 var userfName=e.values[4];
 var userEmail = e.values[8];
 var userbatch= e.values[13];
 var userbranch= e.values[11];
 var useraccount= e.values[15];
 var usertaccount= e.values[16];
 var userbnaccount= e.values[17];
 var userbankcifsc= e.values[20];
 var userbankmicrc= e.values[21];
 var template = HtmlService.createTemplateFromFile('app');
 //variabes of mail.html file
 template.userScholar= userScholarno;
 template.userfname= userfName;
 template.batch= userbatch;
 template.username= userName;
 template.userAccount= useraccount;
 template.typeaccount= usertaccount;
 template.bankaccount= userbnaccount;
 template.ifsccode= userbankcifsc;
 template.micrcode= userbankmicrc;
 var html = template.evaluate().getContent(); 
 MailApp.sendEmail(userEmail,"caution money",'Requires HTML', {htmlBody:html}); 

 Html file

<p>The Registrar,<br>
Government Engineering College ,<br>

Dear sir,<br>

I request you to kindly refund my caution money, in this connection necessary particulars
are appended below :<br><br>

Father Name:<?=userfname?><br>
Batch :<?=batch?><br><br>

<b>Account Details</b><br>
Account No. :<?= userAccount?><br>
Type of account:<?= typeaccount?><br>
Bank name:<?= bankaccount ?><br>
IFSC Code:<?= ifsccode?><br>
MICR Code:<?= micrcode?><br><br>
I hereby declare that the information furnished above are correct.
<span style="float:left"><p>Your FaithFully<br><?= username?></p><br><p> Student Signature</p></span>
<p style="float:right"> Signature</p>
<p style="font-size:10px">Note: Unique Code function is closed by developer...<br>
Your response has been recorded.<br>
Check your Gmail. <br>
College and entire system will not responsible for any wrong information... <br>
One man can submit only one response :)<br></p>
<p style="font-size:10px"> Created by: Ajay kumar Maheshwari and Ayush Pandey </p>

By this way i added codes in my file and You are getting results on your submitted mail address 😉 🙂

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