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Make your own free website with .tk Domain

There are many ways to create free website on internet. But if we want to make our website with wordpress and all these thing than we have two option. One is to buy our personal domain name and another is to go at website and make free sub-domain website.  In first case we will need spend some money to buy to domain name and some for hosting and in second option we get domain sub-domain. Our website address will look like . But I have one alternative way by which you can easily create your free website with .tk domain . Let see how can we will do this.

  1. First go at website and search domain name if your domain name is available then this page will appear on screen.Screenshot from 2015-04-16 21:59:26
  2. Then Fill the other options and select to the DNS option on the form and in this option select the “Your own DNS” Option.
  3. After selecting Your own DNS option type the  on server name 1 and in second server name type
  4. Before typing this server name please go to on and registered your domain name and get free hosting service .
  5. After getting free hosting service using Filezila or smartFTP software to upload your wordpress file on your URL(Universal Resource Locator) address.
  6. After uploading wordpress you will need to create mysql user so for that go to address and select the mysql user option.
  7. Now install wordpress on your URL.

Hopefully this article will help you to create free website with .tk domain … 🙂

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