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Just find your smart phone on Google search

After a long time i’m writing a new post friends, Hopefully you will like this. Today as mentioned in news that we can find our android device with help of Google omnibox(search box). Every day we are putting our phone in many place then it quit possible to loss this by mistake, so its a simple trick by which we can easily find our smart phone with Google search.

As shown on above gif google provided image Type on google omnibox “Find my phone” and google will detect your phone by the help of Android Device manager, Android device manager store the longitude and latitude of active android mobile phone, but for this you will need to active  your device location option. By this cool feature you will can instruct your device to Ring by the help of Ring option of screen.

Screenshot from 2015-04-16 21:25:18

Once you click on the ring option, the smartphone will ring for five minutes. You need to make sure though that the smartphone’s GPS is active and the smartphone is on for Google to locate it, else it won’t work. The problem is that if you’ve lost your smartphone in some place where the GPS signal is weak, you’ll have a tough time locating it

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