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Journey Of Google Scholar Ship Phase1 – Android

It is a very happiest moment for me to share my experience of “Udacity Indian scholarship”. I am one of the luckiest men who were to receive this scholarship from Udacity. Actually, This program makes me be part of the large community.

By profession, I am a full-time software engineer in Android. I used to go through Udacity for some free online course just to keep my self-updated with latest things. Once I came to know that “Udacity is offering scholarship” I was so excited to see that, without a second to waste I applied for “Android nano degree” and I was so thrilled, but at the same time by heart I was nervous because if I won’t get a chance it will be sorrowful moment for me. February 14th I got the email from Udacity to congratulating me for getting my application selected and to be the recipient of “Google India Challenge Scholarship 2018”

You know as a software engineer getting a certification or learning from some blogs is not that easy. But Udacity really is a stepping stone be a professional developer and what I like from Udacity all things you learn with doing, so it makes me so relaxed.

Due to time constraint, I was not being able to dedicate my self to Udacity I used to get time after my work and start learning. When I get to know about the course in more detail I started dedicating my time more energetically. You know the course covers all things, on the initial video tutorial will let you know what kind, of course, you are doing and whom and all will be with you to learn to code. All the recipient was being invited to join on the slack community where we discussed daily task and will be happy to update itself with live AMA session with @Akshit sir as well as meet good learners who have a positive attitude and good learning ability. Also, get to chance work on collaborative projects.

Collaborative Project Experience,

There are four+1 collaborative projects are selected by Akshit and those are Explore India, Quiz App, Blood Donation, Community App and the special one is women safety. They are started opening the issues in the GitHub and I start contributing those projects. And gave my best Pull Request to some projects. But fortunately, one of my PR is got selected by women safety, which I have to add downloaded font concept. It is wonderful experienced and also it is one of the best practice for Open Source Contribution. Learned about contribution in various aspects.


Once again thank you to Udacity and a complete team who org. this wonderful mind-blowing program. Also, special thanks to Akshit Jain

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