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Javascript is very cool and interesting language. By the help of this language you can create your own desktop application & games . Basically javascript is used in creation of dynamic website and in this tutorial i will give you basic programming & concepts of javascript language . Basically javascript is a scripting language, before starting javascript you must know about what is scripting and what is client side & server side scripting .



Basically scripting means set of lines .The scripting word comes from script and we know that script is main part of any movie and it inform to the actor what will happen in this role and in same way in programming scripting  is set of instructions/codes ,which inform to computer to do this task .

What is Javascript ?

JavaScript is object-oriented scripting language. You just think that why this language name is javascript , because it follows most of Java expression syntax, control flow and this reason we call this javascript , but in javascript you have not need to concerned that the variable/method is public, private, protected. 

The javascript is designed for big environments like website,desktop application etc..

What is client side and server side scripting ?


The client means user if the script response according to user it means this is client side scripting .



Server side scripting means which run on server  and store data in your database not response according to user  and the very good example of this is scripting is “PHP”

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