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Getting Started

JavaScript powers many of sites in world everyday. Even this create dynamic web site. JavaScript also can be used for other applications like you can use this for server side programming and for creating desktop apps.

Getting strated

Before Getting Started

You must know about  HTML before you get started . If you don’t know about HTML, then go this website for great tutorials with exercise and the website is

It’s no need, but some knowledge of CSS will help you create attractive ,dynamic website .
i recommend you to use google chrome or Mozilla for checking of your javascript code..

Basic Syntax

<script type="text/javascript">
//enter your code


Javascript basically use for web browser and now i am showing you how you connect javascript with your html file ; there are two method which help you to connect your javascript with your html file;below i am write first method syntax see it.

//your code


 Second method

In the second method you need to create your javascript file with .js extension and below i write the syntax of second method

<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src=”demo.js”>

and here demo.js is your javascript file and src attribute use for calling this file and it same as C,C++ file calling #include<stdio.h>

Basic I/O method:

In javascript for i/o we use following methods

console.log()for outputconsole.log(“hello!”);
prompt()for inputprompt(“username”);
confirm()for dialog boxconfirm(“Press a button!”);

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