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10+ amazing android app ideas

Some app ideas which are not developed yet. If you are about to start something new then checkout our hot list :

App Ideas

1. Wanted App

Everybody wants to be alerted about the criminals around. In this app, users will be able to see the wanted criminals in their area and whenever they they come close to one. In fact it will hold a database of criminal activities updated by users & professionals. Moreover, they’ll be able to quickly press alert button which would immediately inform the police and show them the location through GPS.

2. Voice-Voice Translation

Talking to another person, speaking foreign language that we don’t know, is impossible. Voice-Voice translation will instantly translate the verbal communication of two people and enable them to interact properly.

3. Selfie Competition

Selfie craze is all over the people everywhere and with selfie competition, one would compete against friends and win certain points to unlock new features that’ll enhance their selfies.

4. Door-to-door

Help You will bring help at the door for every need of the user. By this app, one will be able to call for the desired help like, electrician, plumber, mechanic etc whenever needed.

5. Find this

There should be an app where you can take a picture of what someone is wearing, then it will find where it’s from and you can order it in a click!

6. Motivate me

An app that lets you send and receive positive messages with strangers when you feel disconnected.

7. Show me

An app that lets you know if you’ve been blocked by a person, or if they’re ignoring your texts and calls.

8.   how many time use your phone

9.   medicine delivery

10. An app that works as a weather radar for local rainfall

11. An intelligent reminder app that learns your habits

12. An app that suggests what kind of dinner you can make with the ingredients that you have in the kitchen

You can pick any one of above and create a app world is waiting.  I will post more ideas or also you can share your suggestions with us so that we can list your idea here.

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