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Search Engine Optimization All In One

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Sachin Kaushik

We are in Industrial Revolution 4.0 where Digital marketing making a revolution in every aspect. Seo Search Engine Optimization is a technique to Rank in Google. SEO is a part of Digital marketing which helps to rank our Business, Product, Website, Blogs, Videos on google. So here we will briefly learn about SEO digital marketing and how to improve google ranking.

Why Seo Required?

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  • Search is now our part of life and google is search engine. People do search for information , Travelling, Researches.
  • Lots of Content already available on the Internet to make your content unique, to make it User friendly for the targeted audience seo optimization required.
  • Seo helps to increase Organic traffic on Search engines.

For proper seo of any page, we first need to research about “Keywords“.

Keywords play most important role in seo and increasing the search rate of your website. you will need to do good research on keywords related to your topic and Niche.

Niche is the term used to define your topic and the idea behind of website and blog.

Keyword Strategy

Lsi keyword full form

A keyword can be Like:- Bakery shop but this is genres and common term which have huge traffic also High competition. Use below strategy to improve ranking :-
1. Use Long Tails Keyword – Ex. Bakery shop in Banglore.
2. Use LSI Keywords  – which have related terms to your main  keyword like google  show at the bottom of the search.

Primary Components for High Demand Keyword Research :-

  • Search Volume
  • Competition
  • Relevancy
  1. Use Good Keyword Seo Tools
  2. Use Google Trend for Trending Topics.
Seo Type

How to do On Page Seo?

  • Use Key-phrase/Keyword In Header .
  • Use Keyword in Title and Title Tag it should be between 50 -70 characters.
  • Use Long-Tails Keyword.
  • Meta Description it is summary and brief description about content it should be in 150 to 160 characters .
  • Use Internal Links to Engage your audience within you content within 100 word in content. 
  • Site Map it should be submitted in Google Search Console and other Search Engine Also it is index and Information of your pages.
  • How many keyword use in content?
Keyword count

                 Keyword Density should be 2 % can calculate by below keyword                     Density Formula.

  • URL Structure use seo friendly Url like –                                 Use short url.                                                                                               Use Hyphen (-)                                                                                             Use Breadcrump for Url.
  • Make Content for your Audience not for search engines.
  • Content Structure-                                                                                                                      Headlines H1                                                                                                SubHeading (H2…H3)                                                                  Paragraph Header (Use Bullets,Bold Text , Hyper Links, Images)
  • Website should be Responsive.
  • Website Menu Structure –

Parent Tab  -> Child Tab -> Sub Category

  • Images – Use “Alt text” in images .
  • Robot.Text file should be Upload in Cpanel-

Allow And Disallow use to show page or hide page from Search Engine            make this file in notepad.

Ex:-   User-agent : *                                                                                                       Allow: /PageName/                                                                                              Disaloow: /PageName/

How to do Off Page SEO?

  • Submit your Site on Search Engine .
  • Use Two Internal or Outbound Links in Post.
  • Classifed Submission –
  • Use Social Bookmarking sites- Post Your site and Description here.                                                        –                                                                                                –                                                                                                  –
  • Business Listing Site- If you have business site than it should be list on                                      below site which helps in  site ranking and getting                                      traffic from other source.                                                                                 –                                                                                               –                                                                                            –
  • Directory Submission – it is a website directory in which you can submit                                         your website in a specific Category. which helps                                        to improve site ranking.                                                                                –
  • Document Submission – Submit You document  to site like PDF or PPT                                           and post link of your website in description to                                             get traffic from other site.                                                                            –
  • Image Submission in SEO – Image submission improve Domain                                                             authority.                                                                                                      –                                                                                                  –

Dont’s of Search engine optimization which affect Google Ranking :

1. Slug Stop Words – Remove (A,To,For) From Url                                                2. Do not use to much keywords.                                                                              3. Negative keywords – Stopwords – these could  trigger  irrelevant searches.                                           Put (-) before negative KW.                                                4. Don’t Use Click Here instead of it use Relevant Anchor Text.                             5. Don’t Write for search Engine content should be useful and Helpful                 because content is always King.

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