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Chatroom app you can only use when your phone is dying

On my god day, my phone battery never goes below 40-35 percent. A dead phone is useless, we all are thing that in every time once our battery goes down we should need shed off the applications because they will respond very slowly. There’s nothing; but embrace the inevitable: my battery is on its way to its own funeral. At the very least, I’ve found The Verge article about an APP Chatroom APP Die with me . Welcome to Die With Me, the chatroom app you can only use when your phone is about to die.

Die with me
Die with me

If your battery has anything higher than a 5 percent charge, Die With Me won’t open up its doors; once you are in, if you charge up to higher than 5 percent, it will automatically kick you out of the room. It’s a place to bond, for a fleeting moment, with strangers sharing the same near-death phone experience, one with a built-in countdown timer on your conversations: what will you say in the moments before your screen goes black? At a time when big social media feels like a never-ending wash of bad news and toxicity, Die With Me is  a place that offers evanescent human connection as the reward for a dying device.

Die With Me Developer develop this application. Not just because of any other case; Actually he was thinking that every one faced this situation in his at once. So he want to build such type of application where users can share such type of condition moments through chatting.

Developers &Artist

Dries Depoorter

David Surprenant



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